Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wear it Wed. - Skirt for a Preteen

Here is a skirt I recently made for McKinley,  She needs new dresses, skirts etc. since she recently grew LIKE A FOOT.  anyways, I just love everything Ashley makes at Lil Blue Boo  She has a super famous blog, and I got the idea for this skirt here  and I loved her bustle skirt but McKinley didn't want as many ruffles so I preteen'd it up a little.  She does love it now.  but its pretty hard to get her to pose for pictures. 

Have you sewn anything recently?
♥ Becky


nweames said...

Love this! I am in skirt making mode myself. Bought K fabric for a skirt and accidentally forgot it was hers and cut X a skirt from it. Luckily it had BARELY enough left for K a skirt with some piecing. Let's just say it isn't my best work and I owe K another skirt. I'm loving this one.

Anonymous said...

This is really cute. My daughter would love it! Thanks for sharing it!
Stephanie @

Emily said...

Ooh I love it! I would totally wear it. :) I've finished two more jackets for Ansley but haven't taken pictures of them yet. I'm also working on a quilt (and frequently wondering what I've gotten myself into!).

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