Monday, October 24, 2011

The Modest pirate costume.

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I thought I might run out of time, or spend too much money, so I did look through all the costume shops for her costume.  WOWZA,  she is only 11, but she can't wear a kids costume and the women's pirate costumes are a much too risque'.  I don't know how to spell that word. 
SO....... off to the fabric store.
Start with a boys dress shirt
cut the collar off rounded like
sew a casing and thread it with elastic. and that is where I stopped, because I thought it looked so cute, maybe we can reuse this later.
I decided to make the cuffs seperate, so miss picky can take them off if they bother her.
rounded works better
sew a casing in  the small end and thread it with elastic the length of her wrist.
Add lace of cours
Brown fabric, I cut a strip of fabric for the sash.
red and brown stripes,  I hunted and hunted and finally found some in the quilt shop.  It was expensive and I didn't think I got quite enough so that is why I made the brown skirt to go under it.
I didn't hem it, but I am excited because I can re-use this too.  I am going to give it a cute finish or ruffles?  She needs a brown skirt.

 think its pretty cute!  all it really cost me in the end was the striped stuff that I spent too much on.
($7 bucks)


nweames said...

Love the costume! So cute!

Emily said...

LOVE this costume!! :) So much better than the women's ones.

Etcetorize said...

Super cute! A Pirate is my usual 'go-to' for Halloween when I'm not prepared and this one looks great. Thanks for sharing at Etcetorize~

Matson Mission said...

Love it. She is so cute too.
where did you get the cuff fabric? Off of the tail of the shirt?

Frances said...

Since there are plenty of pirate costumes around, adding a personal touch to the costume is always the best way to create a sense of uniqueness for your own costume.

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