Monday, November 14, 2011

Entry - Reveal

Yard sale score, no lie I was on my way to HObby Lobby to buy these. I got them for 10 bucks each instead of 70 ish.  It felt like Christmas.!!
Here is the before shot, I can't believe I left it like this for so long. --Really Becky??  nothing even matches.  Okay honestly I was waiting until I decided on a paint color, now that was hard because it needed to be the same as the hallway and the living room, so here it is. a beige color. pfff,  gave up on something exotic and just went with the easy to please color.   My wood floors and wood trip made it hard for me to choose.
YAY my gallery wall is complete, really I had a heart attack putting all those holes in the wall, you have to be sure where to put things.
#1 - First arrange them on the floor, then cut paper to the size of each frame and them arrange those on the wall, you will be glad you went to the extra work for sure!!
I took these pictures at Halloween obviously, I can't wait to get them ready for Thanksgiving. I will be home from TN in a couple of days... should I skip it and just get Christmas out. I really might. hahaha

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another ruffled T

I can't believe I thought I would be able to blog while in TN,  I am exhausted and busy busy busy watching 6 kids for my bro and sis in law while they are in Africa while my Mother In Law watches my little darlins.  I really don't have time unless they are sitting here eating their lunch or in bed.  ---whew---   I am just posting some photos I had saved and not posted yet when I have the time.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Home made Cuteness

Strike a pose, Here she is in her sunday outfit. I made her quickly pose for me as I was leaving town. I made this skirt out of that ruffled fabric. cost was $10. The shirt is from downeast $5. It was a plain T and I ruffled some extra fabric and put it on the front. Best was only $1 on clearance at the mall. and the cardi was a hand me down from a friend. ahh I love saving dough and making something cute!!!
p.s. this blog is brought to you today from the beautiful state of Tennessee and I sure do miss that cutie pie, and all my children at home. I wish I could have brought her with me. Thanks to my amazing mother-in-law who it taking care of my family so I can take care of my brothers family. Its all about bringing home two sweet little orphans from Ethiopia to their new family in TN. I can't wait to meet them.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Giveaway Winner

WoO HoO -  the giveaway is over.  I always feel so dumb when I have a giveaway. 
 I used, but I do not have the time to figure out how to put the cute little screen shot on here, but it picked number 4,
which is -Tiffany.  
(She is married to my nephew and is the mother of my first and only great niece, oh yay I am a great aunt.  Is 35 old? Cause I feel OLD, wait not old I'm GREAT)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

If the boot fits

Don't forget to check out the giveaway, closes Wednesday Night. HERE

Halloween is only a week away, I still have a few projects to post. I made these blocks while watching a tv show on my computer, and I only used things that were within my reach. HAHA, I love those kinds of projects. and I do think it turned out cute. Honestly it went really fast because the blocks were all cut, sanded and painted from LAST YEAR. Hope you like it too.
The bats were added later, my son drew them and I cut them out of construction paper.  The lettering is from scrapbook stickers.  The glitter glue I stole from the kids craft drawer. I would have prefered something a little blingier, but seriously, its only going to be out for a week, and I don't get much company out here in the sticks.

Have you made anything spooky from your stash??

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Modest pirate costume.

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I thought I might run out of time, or spend too much money, so I did look through all the costume shops for her costume.  WOWZA,  she is only 11, but she can't wear a kids costume and the women's pirate costumes are a much too risque'.  I don't know how to spell that word. 
SO....... off to the fabric store.
Start with a boys dress shirt
cut the collar off rounded like
sew a casing and thread it with elastic. and that is where I stopped, because I thought it looked so cute, maybe we can reuse this later.
I decided to make the cuffs seperate, so miss picky can take them off if they bother her.
rounded works better
sew a casing in  the small end and thread it with elastic the length of her wrist.
Add lace of cours
Brown fabric, I cut a strip of fabric for the sash.
red and brown stripes,  I hunted and hunted and finally found some in the quilt shop.  It was expensive and I didn't think I got quite enough so that is why I made the brown skirt to go under it.
I didn't hem it, but I am excited because I can re-use this too.  I am going to give it a cute finish or ruffles?  She needs a brown skirt.

 think its pretty cute!  all it really cost me in the end was the striped stuff that I spent too much on.
($7 bucks)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fubulous Friday is a giveaway.

So was finally able to round up some stuff to give away. Thanks to you, those that read my blog. I really do hope you find it either fun, or helpful at times, on to my giveaway.  There will be one winner who will receive ALL of the following gifts in one lovely package.

Rules are;

#1  Follow this blog, leave a comment telling me how long you have been a follower, and your favorite post.

#2  Tweet, FB, blog, call a friend, etc... mention it somewhere to spread the word about my blog and you will get another entry for this. Just leave another comment telling me how you spread the word for me.

Closes on Wed, night  Oct. 26th.
One tie, for the little guy.  The tie is adjustable and can be 10 to 14 inches in length.  Or I can custom make one in any style or size for you at $10 plus shipping.  Perfect for Christmas!!
One pin for your sweater, jacket, purse, headband etc. and one hair clip.  I also have many more of these in stock.  or I can custom make them.
Pre-decorated album, 8x8 inches, spring theme.
Red cluster earrings, Just in time for "THE Christmas SEASON"
a petal filled tutu, Peach in color.  I heard Peach is the new Pink? 
Apron kit for my two dishtowel apron tutorial, which I now see never got posted, but, HERE is a picture. hahaha.  I will get right on that.  The kit included to dishtowels and 3 yard of ribbon. 

**update** I keep finding more things to giveaway, so you can expect some extra goodies in this package.  I will keep them secret though.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

button love

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wear it - Wednesday - My Little Knight

First, are my eyes playing tricks on me???  According to Blogger yesterday was my 200th post?? How could that be right?  Oh well, I guess I should give something away

**update** click here for my giveaway, closes Wed, October 26th

Check back tomorrow to see what I come up with, it will be so fabulous, hmm. It should be worth $200 to make the whole thing more memorable.  I am so excited!!   Jewelery? Craft supplies?? hand sewn items?? little girls tutu's?  boy's ties?  yes,  I think so.
Follow my blog so you are sure not to miss out!!

Okay on with today's post,  a couple of weeks ago, Cheri at I am Momma made her little boy a t-shirt to wear with his beloved Viking helmet.  It seems he was going through a Viking Helmet obsession.  As I read this, I laugh and look at my own three year old who was, at that very moment, sporting his favorite Knight helmet, and waving his sword at me. 
To make the pattern : I laid the shield on the copy machine to get the dragon outline, i copied it directly onto freezer paper to save the step of tracing.  After cutting it out with an x-acto knife I ironed it to the shirt, and with a stipple brush painted on the GOLD tulip metallic fabric paint.  IT IS SO SHINY AND COOL.
After cutting it out with an x-acto knife I ironed it to the shirt, and with a stipple brush painted on the GOLD tulip metallic fabric paint. IT IS SO SHINY AND COOL.

 Then I removed the freezer paper and let it dry a while.  Next I drew my own shield and cut it out of freezer paper and ironed it down.  I carefully painted around the dragon with SILVER tulip metallic fabric paint.
Usually the helmet is pulled down over his nose.
 I think he is adorable no matter what he is wearing, but that's always how it goes with the youngest right?  I feel like I have to use my every last little bit of crafty/sewing mommy ability while he is still little and will let me.  My older kids don't always appreciate it.  So I guess you could say he is SPOILED ROTTEN and he and I are both loving it!!

I showed this shirt off on Top-toberfest at Leafy Tree top spot.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Tips - Easy Distressing for small projects.

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closing Wed. Oct. 26th 
Candle sticks are so popular, I think they aways will be.  I have spent quite a few bucks on them, butt to tell you the truth my favorite ones are these thrift store candlesticks. 

There are so many ways to distress something, or antique it.  Here is a simple way that you can't really mess up, for something that might be small.
This one WAS wood, so I sanded it, really sloppily with a VERY course grit sand paper.  then covered it with white paint.  I didn't water it down,  It just depends on how much you want to wipe off. 
I wanted a lot of paint this time.  I waited longer tooI waited 5 minutes then gently wiped off with a wet  paper towel.  every where I had sanded it was White.  Love it.

I followed the same process with this one only I used a very fine grit sand paper and only sanded where I wanted white to stick.

I forgot to take before pictures.  This red one was too bright.  It is not made of wood, so I didn't want to sand it.  I watered down some black paint.  maybe a quarter size dollop of paint and 6 or 7 drops of water.  Use a sponge brush to cover it.  
* The darker you want it to look, the longer you wait.    I waited about 2 minutes. then used a wet paper to wipe the paint off.  DON'T SCRUB, just wipe until it looks good.
This one followed the same process as the red candlestick, only at first I put the black where I wanted more,  then I rubbed the whole thing with my wet paint rag.

If its too thick in one spot you can get a clean wet rag and keep wiping.
Finished.  It is so Tall and pretty,  and I found it at the thrift store for 5 bucks, SCORE.
Here are the 3 smaller ones I put on my redecorated entry.  I will be featuring the entry next week. 

Thanks for stopping by, and Please leave a comment, they make my day
Have a lovely week ~ Becky

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday at My House - so so so so happy

Saturday is the only day I get to have my hubby here, most of the time he travels or works INSANE hours. He is my SUPER HERO. He doesn't love to do my annoying decorating projects. But this Saturday he spent the WHOLE day doing "honey do's" for me. Did you hear me......THE WHOLE DAY!!!  He even made a couple of dreams come true for me. (I am cheesy) Maybe it makes a difference that I have been asking for a tile back splash for about 4 years. AND when I say asking...I do mean nagging and begging. We have had some of these supplies for a very long time.
Cutie Pie! wanted to help, well for a minute. As soon as I snatched a picture he was off to play. "That's boring mom."
So there it  is before. We, well.. I,  had planned this in our last house, lucky we never got it done, so we had some of the stuff all ready when we moved here.
Check out this Tile setting Mat.  It saved us a DAY.  Normally you apply the mastic, then the tile, and wait 24 hours before grouting, and it is MESSY, Messy, MESSY!
This stuff was so cool, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.  We really needed to do this in one day. It is 18"x 9" and comes with  12 sheets. for about 15$.  SO WORTH EVERY PENNY.
It went pretty smooth, and we didn't have to do much cutting,

See the beautiful kitchen??  Even my kids said, mom it looks like a different house!!  It took us about 4 hours start to finish. for a 12 foot wall of back splash.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fabulous Fall Friday - Wreath

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So I was going to make this my Thrifty Thursday, but I had to go to "town"and ended up gone from 9-5, ever have one of those days, whew, I was sooo tired. the only thing I had to actually BUY for this was the leaves, and they were $1 at JoAnns. Everything else I had on hand.
even the corn husks.  I froze a lot of corn this year, so there was a mountain of this stuff in my garden.  The wreath was .50 at the thrift store, I think I bought it last Christmas time. I tore the husks into smaller strips, and I used hot glue, for almost everything.
Paint stamps and tiny square of burlap were just in my stash, and the little $1  frame I bought for another project, I guess I will still have to get one for that when I am ready I guess.
Use a sponge brush to lightly brush on the paint, and practice on paper.  A stencil would work great too.
Break the back off the frame, and wrap wire around it to attach it to the wreath.  I think it would be cute to write Fall if my frame was a little bigger.
Finished.  I really love it, but.....  my front door is still white so it doesn't look very good.  I guess I better paint the door.
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