Sunday, June 28, 2009

vinyl chalkboard

Did you know you can make a cute chalkboard with plain black vinyl. (matte finish) you can get it where they sell cricut supplies. I bought this package for 5.99 on sale. It comes in 2 sheets, 12x24. Then I went around it with some alphabet stickers that I already had. You could cut them with the cricut, but this saves so much time. You want to mark on your area where you want it exactly because you need to start with one side and go very slowly smoothing out any air bubbles as you go.

Somthing you need to know is that you don't want to put it on a wall with texture, I put it on my filing cabinet. It works great! and its still magnetic.

I saw some company that was selling this for $20. Woo hoo. I was pretty happy that I could do it for only. 5.99.

Monday, June 1, 2009

How to cut Vinyl with your Cricut

I had a hard time finding istructions when I first started using my cricut, and a few people have asked me how, so this is how.

You will need vinyl of your choice (top) and transfer tape (shown below my vinyl so you know what it looks like). This can be done without the transfer tape, but will look so much better if you do use it, its fairly inexpensive. It costs the same as the pckg of vinyl and contains much more than you will need.

If you have the 6 inch cricut like mine you will need to cut the vinyl down to 6x12 to fit in your machine. You can still cut letters up to about 4 1/2 or 5 inches. Use your favorite font and cut them out just as if you were doing this with paper. Thats right. Its pretty simple, the next part is the really important step.

Next you will need to prepare a piece of transfer tape. Do this by cutting a little section off just guessing how much you will need. Peel off the sticky top part, and carefully lay it somewhere safe, so you can use it in a minute.

Then use an xacto knife on the vinyl to fix any spots it may have messed up on. Not usually a problem if you rblade is REALLY sharp. THen use the xacto knife to lift the letters off the page leaving the backing there (kinda like peeling off a sticker). put ot on the wax paper like side of the transfer tape.

This helps you be able to line up the letters easily lifting them back up until they are just straight, which is pretty easy since the transfer tape has a red grid on the back to help you.

once you have all the letters on, you place the sticky paper back over top. rub really hard with your tongue depressor. Next if you need to you would cut the words apart. Since mine is a chore chart, that is what I did.

The last step is to peel of the wax paperry side of the transfer tape, then place the "sticker" exactly where you want it to go. Another great thing about the transfer tape is you can center your words better. Then, you will rub it again with the tongue depressor, and peel back the white sticker paper.
Hope this helps, it is a lot of fun. This font is called Stone script. It is one of the less expensive cartridges because it doesn't come with any extra pictures and stuff. It is my very favorite!
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