Thursday, April 2, 2009

I was desperate for something springy to make me forget about the snow out my window. :(

More bibs

special order for a special girl.

In HONOR of the
"Arrival of
little Colton"

Rawlins cake

This is Rawlins Caterpillar cake, I don't really like it, but whatever.

Luc's cake

Happy first Birthday Lucas, I had fun making his cake, the polka dots are just fruit rollups cut the with scissors. I uses a 9x9 pan for the bottom and a bread pan for the top, cut it in half it was a perfect square. I decided to just buy a cute bow for the top to make it look more like agift.

Two Dishtowel Apron

This is the "two dishtowel apron" we will be making for enrichment. I will make a tutorial soon, it has two pockets and is pretty thick. You need fairly large dishtowel, I found these at target, and approx 2 or 3 yards of ribbon, Thanks Mel for modeling.
I kinda made this up or I would give the credit to whomever else did. I am sure its been done before though.
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