Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What I've been up to.

I have been making jewelry even in my sleep. These are just samplings of what I will have at the "BIG SHOW" on Thursday. Then maybe life will get back to "normal". My normal is not anyone else's normal, but whatever.

I got most of my ideas of the Anthro-and Jcrew websites. They have some awesome stuff.
*** I have had some questions about the rings, I found this -blog- used the EXACT SAME technique and we even made one of the rings the same. I got my buttons at Jo Ann's and Hobby Lobby. If you make some share a picture, I can even put it on my blog. Have fun!!
and I am so addicted to making stuff. I challenged myself to only use what I have and make NO trips to the craft store. Mostly because I have way to much stuff I need to use up and also because I might not do this again, so I don't want to be stuck with a bunch of stuff that I am not going to use.

This flower made of a black zipper is one of my favorites. It looks awesome with a plain white t-shirt and a cute skirt. I don't know if I can pull it off, but I am really trying to be that kinda girl. we shall see, if I don't sell it, I will try it an let you know.

I have done a few sewing projects, and I even took pictures at different stages, but when I downloaded my pics I laughed, I have been so stressed out that I ddidn't get pics of each stage of all of them, They are really random. I got the first few pics of one project, and the ending of another project. ughhhh. When can I have my brain back, I feel like it was abducted by aliens. I am starting to think it will always be like this. Have a nice week,

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Old But new again.

My kids NEVER WEAR OUT THEIR CLOTHES, I MEAN -N E V E R-. They grow so dang fast that if there is a hole in something, there must have been a mishap on the playground. I guess its nice. Wait, no its not, I spend so much more money on clothes than my friends do, it is really frustrating to me. One funny fact. Me my husband and our 3 kids in school, (12,10,&7) Have never been in a class picture where we weren't in the last row. I don't think any of us are awkwardly freakishly tall,... just tall..... Whats my point???

Highwaters.... yep I can't stand 'em. Its always been my pet peeve, if I can see their socks, I might as well stick a pocket protector in their shirt, then scrape my nails down a chalkboard. I have tried to turn it around for this spring. I am not going to buy this girl any more shorts or capri's, I am hacking off her highwaters, (that look like new cause I just bought them and then she grew). She modeled her new capri's for me the other day, and this skirt that I made from a pair of pants, and a ton of appliques. I love them, and so does she. She loves to be different

I am making a tutorial to show you how to make your own, but if you don't like to applique or sew on denim, click on my etsy shop I only have these made up so far, but like I said, I have plenty more I can make.

check back in a few days for my tutorial, and if you choose to buy one in my shop. Let me know if you would like a pair of earings or a hair clip, The sunshine makes me want to give stuff away.!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

New school bag and Beached T's

McKinley was really wanting a Messenger style bag for school, I kept finding her looking through the house for different bags to use. There was nothing wrong with her perfectly nice backpack that I paid $59.00 for. (and then got a $59.00 rebate for)
hmmm, I have been seeing some cute bags out there on the craft blogs, maybe I can try something new... I have lots of Denim, which is mice and heavy, so... I wanted to make the pockets of the jeans as functional as possible.
I sewed a strip of denim to the inside lining to make 3 pockets.
and sewed the front so that the pockets would be useful, I wanted to take out the button and zipper part, I thought it would look less like a pair of jeans, but it didn't really matter. I am still glad I did, I sewed it with the seams out, and clipped them so that they could fray in a cool way. She is in heaven. And the flap that closes it is just some owl fabric with a lining in it.

Here are some almost one of a kind shirts I made for Westin and Rawlin, all it took was bleach.
For this one I layed a garbage bag inside to keep it from bleeding through. Then I poured the bleach on with a baster, and only let it sit for about 20 minutes. It turned this bluish color in spot. I like it, but Westin LOVES it.

For this one I used a bleach pen. You find them in the laundry isle made by Chlorox, it sat for about 30 minutes. I have gooten a lot of compliments on it.
Both of these plain T's can be found at Walmart for only $3.
I got the ideas from Aly&Ash, You must check hers out they REALLY look AWESOME not homemade at all!
I am Momma hear me ROAR, made some too, she has a great tutorial for using the bleach pen. You need to take a look at her freezer paper stenciled shirts too. They are crazy good!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Skirt

I have loved these Silvers for many years. I almost loved them to death. THere is a grease stain on the left leg, and the right knee is about one or two thread from being an actual hole. I can't believe they are still holding up.
Once I saw what Alida did with some jeans, I knew exactly what to do. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I am worried about how they will look on me. But I am going to wear them all summer, no matter what. Okay so hers were WAY cuter, but I needed something longer.

Here it is, She is also having a contest so lucky me. I can enter this awesome skirt. woot woot.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Capri's and a t-shirt.

I wanted to make a shirt for my nephew that wouldn't look homemade. So I added a strip to the sleeve. I just used a little strip of the ribbing.
I used some brown and some monkey flanned for the t's. T is for Tait. I tried it on my Rawlin (I think the monkey/banana fabric made him think he needed a banana, and he didn't even eat it). I think it looks pretty good?? Its a little big on him so I think it will be perfect for Tait the Tank. It will soon be on its way to my favorite sister in law. Oh and that guy she married. pffft, who took her so far away from me. But then again I do need to thank him for marrying someone I could Love so much.

These pants have the Funniest story. But I'll give you the made up version, When I was visiting our friends in Wa, I noticed their little girl was wearing a pair of jeans that we handed down to her. But sadly the were highwaters and summer is on the way.

so I brought them home with me to make into capri's for her. It is her birthday month after all. If you have any othesr I would be happy to fix them into shorts or capri's Kristen. It was rediculously easy.

Tada! Happy Birthday Sydnee!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Finding Nemo Cake

I made this for my neighbor Lucas. He LOVES NEMO. I made this before for Chase, but we perfected it this time. Above is Lukeee, and Rawlin enjoying the, as Rawlin pronounces it, Meo cake. 2 Terrific 2 year olds.

bake a rectangle cake, dump upside down, and cool. The whole center stuck to the pan, but it really doesn't matter, a fish is not flat anyway right? I pieced it back as much as I can. If you are in a hurry, put it in the freezer for 30 minutes before cutting off the corners.

I ended up using some frosting to piece the tail fin together to make it the right shape and size.

My mom and sister have both been professional wedding cake decorators. A very big tip is to keep a bowl or glass of water nearby to dip your knife in.

First spread plenty of frosting on it. Then go back over it with a thinner layer, cleaning off the knife every few strokes and wetting it. This is how you cover up the crumbs from the cake that get in the first layer. That is also why you need to keep the knife clean and wet, to get rid of crumbs and frosting that is starting to dry.

I used another clean knife to go over top of the orange with some white for the stripes. You have to be flexible and let the frosting decide how the shape of the stripe is going to be. The eye and dark lines are out of dark chocolate brownie topping that was bought at the store.

I think he is so cute.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

chocolate dipped bananas

I needed to use up a bunch of bananas quickly. I thought hmmm... maybe I could melt a piece of that giant chocolate bar I can't seem to use up and be mother of the year!! I cut the bananas in half first.

So when they got off the bus after school and started for the junk food. I got them out.
They were a huge hit. I think I will do this more often. Mother of the year only lasted about 10 minutes then it was back to whining and complaining.
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