Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Applique and Stencil Tuorial

Scroll Down for FeBrUaRy'S GiVeAwAy

The orange fabric came from a shirt he out grew and stained. I used a bowl to trace a circle and draw a basketball on the Heat'N
Bond. Then ironed it to the back of the orange shirt, cut it out on each line.
The next step is to peel the other layer off and iron it to the blue shirt. The all you have left to do is to stitch around the edges. You can even do this part by hand if you want too.

Here the shirt is stitched. I think it still needed something. So I printed the word out on a cute font. then traced it on to freezer paper. Freezer paper has a plasticky side. This side will be down, then iron it to the shirt. When your all done it will peel off like scotch tape. It is so awesome.

So cute, can you tell it was a $1.50. We will have no more plain tee's at our house.


Mary Lynn said...

Wow! So creative! That didn't even look hand made!

Lynette said...

THat looks awesome...great job!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


Kris said...

I want one of these for Colton and Porter. SO CUTE my friend! Love your craft blog!

grandmashouse said...

that is so cool. I figured out how to make a link on my blog! so many women should enjoy this blog.

Anne said...

I LOVE this shirt!

Sewing-Chick said...

Awesome! I might just have to make one myself :)

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