Friday, October 14, 2011

Fabulous Fall Friday - Wreath

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So I was going to make this my Thrifty Thursday, but I had to go to "town"and ended up gone from 9-5, ever have one of those days, whew, I was sooo tired. the only thing I had to actually BUY for this was the leaves, and they were $1 at JoAnns. Everything else I had on hand.
even the corn husks.  I froze a lot of corn this year, so there was a mountain of this stuff in my garden.  The wreath was .50 at the thrift store, I think I bought it last Christmas time. I tore the husks into smaller strips, and I used hot glue, for almost everything.
Paint stamps and tiny square of burlap were just in my stash, and the little $1  frame I bought for another project, I guess I will still have to get one for that when I am ready I guess.
Use a sponge brush to lightly brush on the paint, and practice on paper.  A stencil would work great too.
Break the back off the frame, and wrap wire around it to attach it to the wreath.  I think it would be cute to write Fall if my frame was a little bigger.
Finished.  I really love it, but.....  my front door is still white so it doesn't look very good.  I guess I better paint the door.


Matson Mission said...

the wreath is beautiful and I really LOVE your blog. *U*

Proud Mom

Etcetorize said...

Great recycle of the corn husks, and I love that little tiny frame. So cute! I'm revealing my own fall door creation this Friday, hope you come by and see it. Thanks for linking up at Etcetorize~

Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

It turned out great--love the texture of it!

Anonymous said...

This is so cute! Never thought to make one like this.

Marie said...

Love how it turned out! Thanks so much for linking up with us at Show & Share! Can't wait to see you again this Wednesday!


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