Thursday, December 9, 2010

Personalized ornaments

Every Year I like to do a special ornament that is just for each child.  Last year I did these sihlouettes. 

First I took a picture of each child from the side. 
Print the picture, it can be cheap paper or even in black and white, cut it out and trace it on Black paper
I tried to find chipboard that fit the pictures but I ended up just making my own our of posterboard, you can use the hard backing of a notebook, or cereal boxes.  
I inked around the edges.   By rubbing the edge of the ornament on the ink pad.

I love how they turned out and I even made them for my neighbor, one of each of her boys too.  The back has a printed label of "who" and the year.

Monday, December 6, 2010

A peak at the shop

 I hope you haven't given up on this littl blog, its something I really love to do, but rarely manage to find the time.  This is one of the 5 little kitchens that I have sold in the shop this year.  I think they are darn cute, and easy to make,  the sink is a bow. the faucet is a cupbord door handle, and the burners are vinyl, I cut different sized o's for the burners, The populare thing about this is it can be stored under a bed or anywhere really so its not in the way or taking up bedroom space.
 Everytime I take one of these into the shop its gone in a flash.  I cleaned up some old windows and put this vinyl calendar on it,  I made one for myself on a huge white board in my hallway, it is a lifesaver.
 my headbands, on that is McKinley's blue desk too.  only one scarf left, better get busy.
 this is just some of the earings, I made a display on an old door.  it works so well.
The necklaces aren't displayed in the most ideal way, but the shop is PACKED, this is just some of my stuff.  I have a few other things that already sold so I didn't get any pics of them in time.  It has kept me VERY busy, which is a good thing since moving out here would have left me a little bored....  However I am looking forward to the end, and hope it ends in $$$$.
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