Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WOW, I love clean cupboards

This is for real folks, I did not edit this picture at all, I only added text for humor. In fact I must have put 10 things away before I thought to take a picture. I took things one at a time and put them in the place they belonged. I figured if I tossed them into a box of things that didn't belong I would end up with another mess on my hands. It took me a while but it makes me very happy.

This cupboard is just an easy place to stuff things I don't have time to put away.  Its in my laundry room, right in between the kitchen and the garage,  so there is some pretty seriously random stuff here! 

Here in my "new" cupboard   I organized it like this.  Top shelf - stuff preschool stuff, play do etc.into. The middle shelf - there is a basket of cleaning supplies, that the kids use to do their chores, and the bottom shelf - is my wheat grinder homework stuff and some first aid supplies.
and under this handy cupboard is 3 really deep drawers,  that all look like this now.

     Gloves                       Hats              &Scarves

I think I am done posting about organizing.  It is getting old.  I think I am ready to
decorate the basement!?!?

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