Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Click here to get a link for 15 pages of household cleaning recipes. I can't wait to try them just in time for spring cleaning. The laundry detergent recipe is at the end you can do 640 loads for about $20. Can you imagine?

crappy crafter

This is the Birthday card from my brother Don. HE is so funny he makes me laugh until my side hurts. Thanks for the laugh!

Yummy Easter treats.

The kids will also be helping me make some of these for everyone we know!
Click here for instructions on making your own.

My plan to survive Spring Break

#1 chore charts and strict rules of no playing til done. (adding to their chore charts a few spring cleaning jobs to really help me out!)

#2 A list of friends who are NOT out of town for spring break

#3 Mugs - During Christmas Break they each had a cute christmas mug to drink out of, They have been placed next to the sink.

#4 Snack boxes - Their lunch boxes have been filled with their snacks for the day. NO RAIDING THE CUPBOARDS. I get sick of putting boxes of snacks crackers granola bars away and then putting them away, and not to mention sweeping up the crumbs constantly.

#5 A list of activities they can do on their own without my help or little help. New crafts, or easy treats to bake etc. I don not want to hear I'm Bored. Nope not gonna put up with it.

#6 A little one on one date with mom sometime during break for each kid.

#7 A special surprize for no fighting. I've actually allready been doing this one for a week and its been AMAZING. I am all about Bribes/rewards.

#8 Emergency numbers on speed dial. Including Jeff and CPS.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A few new things

I finally got around to making a pin cushion, it was badley needed since I have been sewing a little more than I used to.

this other jewelry are some of the things I made while I was in Boise for Presidents day. And they are my fav. jewelry that I have made. ♥

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