Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Tips, make a short necklace LONG

Here is a little tip I use a lot,

You can have a lovely necklace, but if its not the perfect length, it just doesn't work right with whatever outfit, and   I really don't like feeling like I am being choked. 

Well you can easily extend those short necklaces and make them longer

With these few supplies.

attach the clasp to one end of a piece of chain, the jump ring on the other end,  the length of chain will determine how long your necklace will be.
not long enough for this shirt.

only slightly longer but much better,  I might make a longer extender for this one, but then you would have a picture of my gut.... I didn't think you deserved that.
Now here is my favorite bracelet,  I fell in love with it when buying some shoes for my daughter, and in the bag it went... only when I gave my little darling the bag, she thought WOW, thanks for the bracelet mom, I am going to wear it on the first day of school......   What was I supposed to say?  So I borrow it a lot. haha

With an extra large extender it can be an awesome necklace.  You can even just use ribbon.  EEEEK I LOVE IT!

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