Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Tips - Easy Distressing for small projects.

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Candle sticks are so popular, I think they aways will be.  I have spent quite a few bucks on them, butt to tell you the truth my favorite ones are these thrift store candlesticks. 

There are so many ways to distress something, or antique it.  Here is a simple way that you can't really mess up, for something that might be small.
This one WAS wood, so I sanded it, really sloppily with a VERY course grit sand paper.  then covered it with white paint.  I didn't water it down,  It just depends on how much you want to wipe off. 
I wanted a lot of paint this time.  I waited longer tooI waited 5 minutes then gently wiped off with a wet  paper towel.  every where I had sanded it was White.  Love it.

I followed the same process with this one only I used a very fine grit sand paper and only sanded where I wanted white to stick.

I forgot to take before pictures.  This red one was too bright.  It is not made of wood, so I didn't want to sand it.  I watered down some black paint.  maybe a quarter size dollop of paint and 6 or 7 drops of water.  Use a sponge brush to cover it.  
* The darker you want it to look, the longer you wait.    I waited about 2 minutes. then used a wet paper to wipe the paint off.  DON'T SCRUB, just wipe until it looks good.
This one followed the same process as the red candlestick, only at first I put the black where I wanted more,  then I rubbed the whole thing with my wet paint rag.

If its too thick in one spot you can get a clean wet rag and keep wiping.
Finished.  It is so Tall and pretty,  and I found it at the thrift store for 5 bucks, SCORE.
Here are the 3 smaller ones I put on my redecorated entry.  I will be featuring the entry next week. 

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Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

Great post!!

Katie said...

Thanks for the tips! I love the way these turned out! I'll be returning to this later :)

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