Tuesday, October 25, 2011

If the boot fits

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Halloween is only a week away, I still have a few projects to post. I made these blocks while watching a tv show on my computer, and I only used things that were within my reach. HAHA, I love those kinds of projects. and I do think it turned out cute. Honestly it went really fast because the blocks were all cut, sanded and painted from LAST YEAR. Hope you like it too.
The bats were added later, my son drew them and I cut them out of construction paper.  The lettering is from scrapbook stickers.  The glitter glue I stole from the kids craft drawer. I would have prefered something a little blingier, but seriously, its only going to be out for a week, and I don't get much company out here in the sticks.

Have you made anything spooky from your stash??


nweames said...

Love this!

Eileen said...

Very cute! My kids complain about our lack of decorations. This year we have pumpkins--lots of them from our garden. :) That's about it.

Sarah said...

Love this project, such a great DIY project!

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