Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wear it Wednesday - Sew Many Skirts

Last weekend I was talking to my hubby and saying.  I stayed home all summer and I can't remember what I did besides yell at the kids to do their chores, he told me to go check my closet.   OH,  yes, now I remember.  I wore a different skirt once a week for sure. 

Here are the skirts I made myself this summer.

a brief description so you can AGAIN see how cheap I am.

#1 was a 9.99 skirt I got at Ross at least 3 years ago. It was too small in the waist and went to the ankle, so I chopped the top 6 inches off added the proper amount of elastic and.... voila, an updated skirt, knee length, but best of all it finally fit me so NEW SKIRT #1. YAY ME

#2 Purple skirt, funny story - On our way to my nieces wedding, which I had been wishing for a purple skirt, but sadly no time to make one before leaving on the long road trip which we were counting as our summer vacation.  Then while we were stopped at our friends house for a couple of nights in OR, I realized I had not brought a skirt.  We (me and my friend Kristen) were so disappointed that we were going to have to go shopping.  Super, Super sad huh?? well I couldn't find anything I liked, so we ran to the fabric store, grabbed some stuff, went back to her house, and got out the sewing machine.  It only took like an hour. and cost about 6.99 or less, I am sure I had a coupon.  Plus I whipped one up for Kristen too.

#3 Bored to tears of my only knee length black knit skirt I made this one out of the $5 dollar 5 yard bolts at Walmart, I love those sales.   so $5 plus $1 for elastic.  love it.

#4 is a corduroy fabric with brown and some turquoise in it.  I remember buying it 5 years ago, it was one of those memorable days at the fabric store.  I love it but have never had time to make it, I used the waist band of some comfy stretchy pants that were in the throw away pile.  Now that was a fast skirt and I don't really remember how much the fabric cost but does it really matter?  Its been 5 years. hahaha

#5 the last one was a splurge I really wanted a yellow and grey skirt so I went to the "expensive" fabric store.  I think I bought 2 yards @ 9.99 each.   and had a lot left over.  which made a super cute tie for my cousins little boy. and I think I can make one more.
The gray layer was another 5 yards for 5 bucks bolt from Walmart, and I have plans to make a gray skirt for winter with it. 


Emily said...

I LOVE these!!! I'd love some more details (besides the awesome stories ha)- mostly about the waist. Is it elastic or zippered or buttoned or something totally different? I love the purple skirt a lot and the fabric in the fifth skirt is gorgeous!

Pearl Girl said...

well they are all elastic, because I like 'em STRETCHYYYYY. I alctually made a couple of others that I will post later too, and now I am ready to make a couple Long ones for winter.

Just Jaime said...

Awesome! I want to try to make a skirt, but I'm scared. I'm not the best sewer!

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