Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Owl Pillow

I have been working on McKinley's room ever since we moved in in September.  I just made her some pillows and here is the owl one.  Basically made from scraps from her other pillows.  I will only post this one for now since it fits in with the STASH BUSTING challenge!   It just takes tiny pieces, and a long strip of minky for the sides.  I didn't follow a tutorial for this one, but I think there are probably several out there.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My New Favorite Necklace

This is my new favorite necklace, I made this recently with random supplies I already had.  Two types Left over chain pieces, and lots of charms, The charms came from all kinds of places,  a simiple necklace, and old best friend necklace proably 20 years old and a couple of lonely earings that lost their mate. 
Anyway my point is that you can find this stuff all over your house and you probably didn't  even realize that you had what you need to make an awesome one of a kind  necklace
 all along.

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Contest Entry {Hoodie}

I made this Hoodie for a contest over at I am Momma, Hear me ROAR as part of the Boys Tops contest. I made about 3 other shirts before I decided to enter this one. I think it is pretty cute and it is made of shirts I had in my stash. so it cost ummmm... NUTHIN! SO I love it even more.

**Tutorial to Come Soon**Have an Awesome weekend. We will be sad to see Spring Break Come to and End.

I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sweater Refashion

I LOVE black and white.  I have seen this wide lace used in a LOT of clothing lately.  So I found a cute white sweater that I could alter.  Cut it up the center then added this black lace to both sides.  I love it so much,  I still haven't worn it though.  I think it needs somekind of a button or something to keep it from flapping open, like it seems to do.  I am not self-confident enough to take a picture with it on me.  but maybe someday. hmmmm.   What do you think?  A button?  at the top, or the middle?  or a ribbon to tie a bow to hold it somewhat closed? remember a belt will not do, I am no skinny, flat chested chic.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some of my favorite projects

I follow the blog " I am Momma, Hear Me Roar"  very closely.  In fact she is so creative and cute and thoughtful, and spiritual I try to do everything just like her.... (kidding.... well, exagerating anyway, lol)  This is her Ed Hardy inspired shirt  Westin sees me sewing so much that he was so happy to have something that was just for him.  Really, I know it doesn't look like it, but he was.  You see he has middle child syndromw pretty bad, so I have been trying to make sure I pay him special attention often.  It does amazing things for his attitude.   I think I will try this again and I am sure it will turn out much better.

This is another Project I saw over at Cheri's blog (I am Momma...)   The Big Shelf  I absolutely LOVE it,  It took me forever to get my husband to put it up.  THey have much cuter Corbels (the big white brackets) at Hobby Lobby.   I don't live near one so I got these at Home Depot and was finished by the time I was in Boise at Hobby Lobby.  Love that place.    I must say the birdcage is from the dollar store a long time ago, the Huge Canvas print on the left was $10 at family Dollar, and the Vase on the Right was $7 at Family Dollar.  My room finally feels cozy.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Anthro- Copy Cat

I had bought a necklace with 8 or 9 of those big metal flowers, I knew from that moment that I woudl be remaking it, I just really didn't know which way to go.  TOO many ideas.  But when I saw this one Sachiko made on her blog Tea Rose Home.  I was SOLD!!

**Sachiko's Hometown was actually hit by the earthquake in Japan, she is still waiting to hear from one of her sisters.  Please say a prayer for them, I know I will!

I tried to upload a picture of hers, but my server won't let me?? Check out her blog to see it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cutest LIttle Boy Pants EVER!

These could be some pretty cute Capri's on the right person, but they just look dumb on me,  No big loss I am pretty sure they were around 10 bucks a few years back. 

Last week I was browsing around all the posts for "Celebrating The Boy" (which is crasy awesome) and came upon this Tutorial at "This mama makes stuff.
I am still breathless, and I must tell you that once I cut these out they took me about 15 minutes to sew together.  The pockets from the back of the pants look like they were meant to be.
and just look at my little man
I am not quite the photographer that she is but Dang they are CUTE!  I wanted a pocket on the front and used this tutorial by Dana Made it.  She is also a genius.
I really must say something about my hubby's mad craft skills,  This little guy turned 3 a couple of weeks ago, and I convivced his daddy to build a platform with a slide on it to go with our swing set.  Now it just needs stained.

Lisa's Shirt. ~ Stashbusting challenge

This is a very simple shirt I made by laying a shirt I had out on fabric and cutting around it.

I then appliqued some black leaves in a few places.  I LOVE IT.  however I didn't consider the stretchyness of the fabric.  This fabric is knit but a wierd non stretchy type.  I tried to squeeze into it and immediately thoght.  Hmmm. I guess this one is for my SIL Lisa.  She would love it, and is at least a size maybe two smaller than me.  I am pretty sure it was meant to be, since it was even her birthday!!  I hope you like it Lisa.

It is Spring Stashbusting time!!
I took the challenge, and will even have my own feature sometime in the next month Right HERE on the T-Shirt Diaries. 
The challenge is NO TRIPS TO THE CRAFT STORE. 
this should be a piece of Cake for me, I like how Robin from the t-shirt diaries described it.  "You know when you feel like you are one shopping trip away from being featured on HOARDERS"
~ Its like she knows me personally or something ~
If  you feel like you want to join the challenge, you can link your blog up to the challenge on the link above.  Happy Stashbusting everyone!

Monday, March 7, 2011

A new top for me.

I bought a plain tank top at Old Navy for about 8$.  then added some lace appliques bought for $1.  I addes lots of pearls and sequince that I already had.  Then I wore it with a white long sleeve shirt and a black cardigan. YAY.  I love new clothes,  it gets me all excited to go and do something fun.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My first Purse

 Here it is, just one of the things I have attempted this winter, this was a learning project for me.  I needed a gift for a friend who went above and beyond to help me this winter, and i knew she wanted a funky one of a kind purse.  I told her the catch was she had to be TOTALLY HONEST so I would know what to improve on. 
It is suposed to close with a magnet-that didn't work, and it needs to be a little deeper,  Thre is a pocket on the front that is covered with a flower and lots of buttons.  I LOVE BUTTONS.  The bag was made with upholstery samples which were given to me by a friend several years ago.  I am currently working on another project with them.
So I decided agains the craft blog for a while.  NOT agains crafts, I have been making TONS of stuff, but I haven't had time, and now i think I might need the therapy.  so bring on some uplifting comments PLEASE.:)

Have you seen some fun and FUNKY purses on the NET?  where I love more ideas.
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