Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thrifty Thursday - Pearls

super easy super fast and super cheap bracelet.

It is just what I was hoping it would be...   fast, dainty, and white.
start with a string of cheap knock of pearls or other beads.  You can sometimes find them on sale for around a buck or two.  and it really is time conusming if you are going to thread that many beads yourself.
double it up and thread a crimp bead onto the ends, add a larger pearl or even a button,  put the string back through the crimp bead and squish it!
You will need to play with it to figure out how big the loop needs to be to fit it over your pearl, this will be the closure, no clasp required here.
then......YOU ARE DONE. 


If you need clarification on any instructions just let me know in a comment.
♥ Becky

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