Sunday, February 28, 2010

Turning my shirt into her shirt

From this cute white dress shirt
to this long shirt to wear with leggings

unpick the collar and cut off the sleeves. Then take it in on the sides.

by either measuring the child or using a shirt that already fits lay it on the shirt you are working with so you can know how much to cut off the top, so its not too hue in the neck. oops I forgot to take a picture of the collar, you will need to measure the neckline and take the collar in (I took a section out in teh back) to fit.

Next using that same example shirt cut back where the sleeves should go. You can tell from this picture I didn't measure. DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO. I had to do some fixing to get them the same.

I didn't take any width out of the sleeves, I did make them shorter though. If you make the sleeves shorter make sure you cut the top in the same angle as the previous edge. These sleeves were fitting on me, so I gathered them on the top 1/2 of the sleeve and pinned it to fit the hole. This made it so easy, I am sorry I forgot to take a pic. If this doesn't make sense please e-mail me.
I folded a pleat in the cuff of the sleeve to make it fit her. It looks like it was suposed to be there all along.
I had to make new slits on the sides. This is how you make a slit.
1. Iron the seem open, on the upper part of the side seems. then when you get to the slit part (on the right) you keep ironing it as if it were sewn together. this will be weere you sew. Where I placed the pin you will back stich a time or two and go down the other side.
Please forgive me sometimes I have a hard time explaining things. Just give it a shot then it will make better sense. Feel free to contact me with any questions.
**Yep my bathroom floor has pink tile, I also have a pink toilet. HA......I know your jealous.


Kate said...

Great idea!

Emily said...

LOVE it!! McKinley is growing up way too fast though:(

Emily said...

Looks fantastic! :)

theteo5 said...

cute refashion! Nice work! said...

Great Job! Thanks so much for stopping by Craft schooling Sunday and hope to see you again next week!

Anne said...

This is awesome!

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