Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby shower

Saturday was a Busy busy day. Here are the Elmo cupcakes we made for Rawlins 2nd Birthday. The eyes are a peanut M&M lucky I had white ones left over from Valentines. And the nose is an easter Egg Whopper, Luckily Easter candy is allready out. These might be harder to make later in the year?? I guess you could just get creative.

But before the B-day party we must have a cute little baby shower. I think it turned out purfect. It was a small get together of friends to congratulate a Sweet Friend on her 5th baby. She finally got her 2nd girl. I am excited for her but kinda jealous too.

This welcome wreath is an idea I got from Anne at floralshowers. No one could doubt they were at the right house.
And the Tissue Paper pom pom fom Martha Stuart. WoW... They were so much bigger than I thought. There was no need for any other decorations.

The only other decoration I needed was a center piece, since we all fit around my table and ate cinnamon rolls. I had a brilliant idea when walking through walmart ..the day after valentines day. I stocked up on m&m's then just took out the red ones. I thought lemon heads would be cute with it. I probably could have found cuter dishesd but I was in a hurry.

Wow, I just realized I am at 100 posts! hmmm AND My Birhday is one week from today, I think I will give something away!? It will be a surprise and all you have to do is be a follower. so go ahead

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Emily said...

Those are the cutest cupcakes!! Is there anything you can't do?! Seriously.

Emily said...

I love the Elmo cupcakes!! Nice work! And I love the shower decorations. Do you have big plans for your birthday?

hatch said...

So cute Becky!
Hey I just wanted to tell you I got the watch band I ordered from your Etsy site, and I love love love it! Thanks!

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