Sunday, February 7, 2010

More Refashioning Fun

These are my 3 favorites so far. They all started out as plain shirts I got on clearance at Old Navy. They averaged about $2.oo a piece. The above green one I bought 2 of and cut the 2nd one up to decorat with. There are lots of tutorials. I used this one.
I bought 2 of the shirt below and cut the second one up to do both of the gray shirts, I didn't really have a tutorial for them I just got ideas from everywhere else. I hand sewed the one above, it took a really long time but it was worth it.

I learned a few things on this one. Here is some tips to help you out. FIRST, try on the shirt to mark the EXACT middle. SECOND, iron the strips into the folds, then pin (or even better baste) them to the shirt before sewing, i just used lots of pins but one of them might still be slightly crooked. Its hard to tell though. If you make some let me know!!


Canadiachik said...

HA! I totally wanted to tell you today how cute your shirt/outfit was! I am loving your re-fashioning!

Emily said...

Is there ANYTHING you can't do?!

grandmashouse said...

those are darling shirts. You are so clever. You look great!!! More pictures of you please. Keep up the good work.

Lynn said...

hey I found your blog and this link to the corsage tee and made one. THANKS!

you can check it out if ya want:

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