Monday, February 15, 2010

We have a winner!!

I wasn't sure how the video would turn out so I just posted a picture instead. The video just proves its legit. I decided I would have 2 winners this time. Just for the heck of it. So something to look forward to for next time. You never know what I might do. Thanks for your patience I will be posting the next giveaway in a week or so, I think it will be AWESOME!!! If you would like to give something away on my blog for a little bit of advertising let me know.


Anne said...


Eileen said...


Jenny said...

Hey Becky - I didn't see an email address for you so here's my response to your sweet comment:

Thanks so much! I just stopped by your blog and am very intrigued. You make some creative stuff! I am so happy that you like my blog, I really hope that our little boy ideas will inspire. I would be honored to do a guest post or swap or whatever! Right now I'm just sort of swimming in a bunch of projects, doing a little here, a little there, so no deadlines or crazy stuff going on.

Take care!

Summersfam said...

Yahoo!!!!! I never win anything! :D And... want to do a Karen's Cookies giveaway? :)

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