Monday, September 12, 2011

Where did the summer go????

Oh... Now I remember, I helped the kids raise lambs. We started out not knowing nothun!

....but now we are lots more smarter!!  We started out with 3, and my 8 year old sons lamb died out of the blue one day.  oh man it was traumatic, 2 weeks before fair, he worked sooooo hard.  My daughter had the biggest lamb at the whole fair,  it weighed 170 lbs,  that thing was a monster, and right after this picture it got away and jumped up onto the judges table, knocking down the ribbons and trophies.  I think he wanted one of those trophies.   Hmmm I almost miss him.

This guy kept us busy, and thought it would be fun to drag potty training out through the whole summer. He loved the Fair and thinks that the lambs are still there. awww

This is me and moon, If the kids are getting animals so am I. Sorry about the wierd face, I was trying to get Moon to smile. ah, I just ♥ her!!

Rawlin couldn't part with his favorite "cars" winter long sleeved shirt, so I cut off the cute picture and put it on this little old navy shirt. Now he has a NEW favorite shirt.

I didn't have much time for crafting between all the vacations and animal care but I have been wanting to make these cute little ties forever, so Here they are!! The velcro in the back.

Trip to Oregon to visit old friends, after a little hike I looked back to see where the babies went, and here they are. SO cute they love their big bro's and their big bro's love them too.

Made it to Seattle for my neices wedding and squoze in a couple days of playtime.
we had lots of visitors over the summer, my niece on the far right got to come up from TN anad stay with us for a couple weeks, it was awesome!!

Now the school is back in session and the lambs are OUTTA HERE, I have lots more time for crafting, I just took a load of pics of all the things I have recently done so get ready for lots of projects up ahead


Emily said...

Those lambs are so cute!! Sounds like a fun and busy summer (minus potty training). :) Can't wait to see your projects!

Kris said...

I love the picture of Tyler and Chase with the little boys. Soo cute. I am so glad you came to visit. It was so great. Loved the Lamb Story. That's hilarious about it jumping up on the table. Those ties are cute too! :) Happy Back to School!

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