Monday, September 19, 2011

Mondays at My House - The Front Porch.

Seriously with a view like this..... I wanted to be able to sit on my front porch to sit and enjoy it.


I was SO excited when we bought this house a year ago, I loved our last two houses, but, I have always wished for a front porch. NOW I have one. I love it.  Well... that rug has to go, and I couldn't wait to decorate it.

I added some flower pots from Costco, These were only 39.99. Honestly, I think in this case it was cheaper to buy them all planted. I weighed the options and just bought them, next year I will just reuse the planters.
Isn't my plant hanger awesome!! My father in law made that for me one Christmas, he loves to weld cool things, so when he made one for my MIL, I said I would love one for Christmas. Then Jeff ran hoses through it so it would water automatically, because.... I kill plants.
I've been yard saling all spring for some awesome wicker chairs, but sadly, no luck.  I wanted something that was inexpensive so that when I come across the perfect wicker furniture (for cheap) I can go for it.  I added this wooden trunk, from a yard sale.

My biggest goal on the front porch was COLOR, I think I managed to achieve that.

Does she look annoyed or what? I think she wanted my attention. 


Emily said...

Gorgeous! Love the flowers!!

Kris said...

I LOVE the flowers too. More pictures of your house, more info. about your house on Mondays, and more of Becky! I love your creative ideas of making things cute. Your Flower pot holder stand thingy is awesome! I want to come your house....!

Matson Mission said...

I love what you have done to your porch. Can't wait to come and sit on it and sip some lemonaide with you.

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