Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My first Purse

 Here it is, just one of the things I have attempted this winter, this was a learning project for me.  I needed a gift for a friend who went above and beyond to help me this winter, and i knew she wanted a funky one of a kind purse.  I told her the catch was she had to be TOTALLY HONEST so I would know what to improve on. 
It is suposed to close with a magnet-that didn't work, and it needs to be a little deeper,  Thre is a pocket on the front that is covered with a flower and lots of buttons.  I LOVE BUTTONS.  The bag was made with upholstery samples which were given to me by a friend several years ago.  I am currently working on another project with them.
So I decided agains the craft blog for a while.  NOT agains crafts, I have been making TONS of stuff, but I haven't had time, and now i think I might need the therapy.  so bring on some uplifting comments PLEASE.:)

Have you seen some fun and FUNKY purses on the NET?  where I love more ideas.


Emily said...

I like it Becky! It probably has a good weight b/c of the home decor samples. I like the colors/size of the pieces. :)

Matson Mission said...

It is just darling! Anybody would want one of these.

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