Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lisa's Shirt. ~ Stashbusting challenge

This is a very simple shirt I made by laying a shirt I had out on fabric and cutting around it.

I then appliqued some black leaves in a few places.  I LOVE IT.  however I didn't consider the stretchyness of the fabric.  This fabric is knit but a wierd non stretchy type.  I tried to squeeze into it and immediately thoght.  Hmmm. I guess this one is for my SIL Lisa.  She would love it, and is at least a size maybe two smaller than me.  I am pretty sure it was meant to be, since it was even her birthday!!  I hope you like it Lisa.

It is Spring Stashbusting time!!
I took the challenge, and will even have my own feature sometime in the next month Right HERE on the T-Shirt Diaries. 
The challenge is NO TRIPS TO THE CRAFT STORE. 
this should be a piece of Cake for me, I like how Robin from the t-shirt diaries described it.  "You know when you feel like you are one shopping trip away from being featured on HOARDERS"
~ Its like she knows me personally or something ~
If  you feel like you want to join the challenge, you can link your blog up to the challenge on the link above.  Happy Stashbusting everyone!


Emily said...

Ooh I like it! Great job, as usual! I'm proud of you for taking the stash busting challenge. I mentally told myself to do that in January and it lasted to this last few weeks. ha. Between ridiculous sales at and Joann's moving sale and Walmart's $5 five bolt yards I should be set for almost forever. ha ha ha. I miss you too!!

Robin said...

Yeah thank you so much for signing up. I know you will do awesome and I can't wait to see what you come up with.

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