Friday, March 11, 2011

Anthro- Copy Cat

I had bought a necklace with 8 or 9 of those big metal flowers, I knew from that moment that I woudl be remaking it, I just really didn't know which way to go.  TOO many ideas.  But when I saw this one Sachiko made on her blog Tea Rose Home.  I was SOLD!!

**Sachiko's Hometown was actually hit by the earthquake in Japan, she is still waiting to hear from one of her sisters.  Please say a prayer for them, I know I will!

I tried to upload a picture of hers, but my server won't let me?? Check out her blog to see it.


Mary Lynn said...

I really like that! You are so talented!

Emily said...

I LOVE it! SO cute.

I also really love the pants you made Rawlin. You are awesome.

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