Thursday, December 9, 2010

Personalized ornaments

Every Year I like to do a special ornament that is just for each child.  Last year I did these sihlouettes. 

First I took a picture of each child from the side. 
Print the picture, it can be cheap paper or even in black and white, cut it out and trace it on Black paper
I tried to find chipboard that fit the pictures but I ended up just making my own our of posterboard, you can use the hard backing of a notebook, or cereal boxes.  
I inked around the edges.   By rubbing the edge of the ornament on the ink pad.

I love how they turned out and I even made them for my neighbor, one of each of her boys too.  The back has a printed label of "who" and the year.


Emily said...

What an awesome idea! Love it!

Matson Mission said...

that is so neat. Everyone would love that.

Matson Mission said...

That would make a nice gift for grandparents!!!!

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