Thursday, January 14, 2010

Secret Agent - Bday Party.

Invitation, I thought I took a picture. It looked like a manilla file foler with their name in typewriter fon on fron with a not that we needed their help on a secret mission to catch a spy. The scene of the crime was our house etc.
Decorations, I didn't do much but I put crime scene tape all over the front door.
Games, They came in and put the gifts on the kitchen table and played a little game. Its been 2 months so I can't even remember what it was. It was somehow related. Then they came downstairs to play Pictionary. The words in the bucket are all thing that you need to be a secret agent. Meanwhile my daughter hid the gifts, and when the boys came upstairs to open presents there was a letter to: Westin and guests. If was a clue from the birthday bandit. Eventually it led them to the presents and when he finished opening the last present I snuck a note out onto the table, one more note from the birthday bandit. It led them to the oven where my friend sneakily lit the candle on the bomb cake that she made below. Westin had to put it out and we ate it.

She used a ball pan, and stuck the candle inside a piece of chocolate licorice. SHE IS SUCH A GENIUS, I TELL YOU. It was my favorite part of the party. It turned out SO AWESOME, just right for a big boy, who still wants a big fuss for a birthday, and very simple too.

THE CAKE - my friend and I both LOVE to make and decorate really creative cakes but when you have to plan the whole party, clean the house and decorate, to invitations, and what not, there really isn't time. and if I manage to make time I don't enjoy it. well we are swappin. I make the cake for her boys birthdays, and she makes the cakes for my kids'. we have done it a few times now and so far it is Perfect. So swap with a friend if you can, it is really nice!.

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Lauri said...

What fun parties for your boys! You are an amazingly creative and fun mommy!

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