Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eye Sore

This 14 year old ironing board is such an eye sore. But it still does its job. so I sprayed the legs black, turned it upside down and hot glued the fabric around it. I hope it will stay. I was so excited when my hubby came home and said EXACTLY what I predicted him to say. In a nice voice,"Did we really need a new ironing board?"
I just jumped up and down laughing and told him I recovered it. It probably cost around $5. I think a new cover to buy is around 19.99.

There you have it, I don't mind ironing nearly so much. I decided since I've been doing so much sewing that it would be worth my time (15 minutes) to recover it.


Mary Lynn said...

That is pretty awesome!!! Way to go!!

Kate Larsen said...

you're killing me

Anne said...

This is great! I should do this to mine...I accidentally ironed some of that sticky iron on paper onto mine and now there is a whole section that I have to avoid. =)

I've subscribed to your rss feed. Cute stuff! I look forward to visiting again =)

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