Thursday, January 14, 2010

Basketball Cookies

This is a pic. of the Basketball Cookies I made for Westins final game, I packaged a few up in celophane with ribbon (the ribbon had b-balls on it) for the coach as a Thank You. If you have never been to Karens Cookies you must go there now. It rocks. and she is my friend and neighbor, she has everything you could possible need, in fact Marta Stewart menitoned her name in an episode. WOW!! she also has tutorials. I got this round cookie cutter from her and have used it for so many things, it is BIG. I have done Pizza's (cookie pizzaa that is) and soccerballs. I added some mapleline instead of almond or vanilla to the basketball icing, it was verry yummy and pretty much made it the right color. But I prefer Karen's color gels, and I always use her recipe's that are on her sight. She is pretty much everything my daughter wishes I was. Partly because she was McKinley's first Act. day leader so of course Mck. has her on a petistal.
The top picture of valentine cookies is from her site, she even has a tutorial on this cool technique, and sells the whole kit, honestly her prices are very good.
So go try it out!! and let me know how this goes.


Summersfam said...

Hey wait. That's me! :D Thanks for the plug, Becky! We should do a giveaway. Want to do one? Good job on your cookies!!

Summersfam said...

Oh, and by the way, if McKinley only knew what a better mom you are than me!! :D Seriously. And someday she'll know. Especially if she and Casey get married and I'm her mother-in-law. Muwahahahaha. (just kidding. Don't tell her I said that. Casey would DIE).

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