Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pretty Party dishes for $2

A trip to the Thrift store always lands me in a few new projects, today I thought I would look for soem glass.  The one on the top left is actually upside down, but that is how it neede to be to become a stan for the bowl in front of it.
This is the glue I use for things like this and also for making rings, it is amazing.  You do need to prop the glass because it wants to slide around until is starts to dry, (20 minutes tops)
I am going to use them for a mother daughter party next month. Does anyone know any healthy options rather than having a candy table?  I have been gathering lots of cute dishes for it.
I love the sunset out here where we live, and me new camera does a good job of capturing it.  Is is horrible to say I can't wait until forest fire season, okay it is.  But the sunsets will be fascinating.


Emily said...

I never find anything worth paying for at thrift stores! LOVE the picture of your sunset. We are always a little bit sad there are so many buildings in the way here. . . .

Matson Mission said...

Your dishes are darling. so clever to glue them together. Candy will be a lot more popular than olives and cheese squares.

The sunset is gorgeous.

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