Saturday, April 9, 2011

Entry Decor, and a Camera Strap

I feel bad that it has been a week and a half since I posted. I have been so busy sewing and taking pictures with my new camera that I haven't stopped to blog. I got a NEW CAMERA 2 weeks ago. I have been dreaming of this everyday for at least 3 years. My hubby is the best, he bought me this when he received a check from work that he had done a while back.  NIKON D3100. 
**First things First, I always swore I would make a super cute camera strap when I got a camera, so the next day I made this. I actually just covered the one I got with the camera.
Next, I took pictures of the new entry table that I recently finished, but I had been working on since Decemberish, the garage has been too cold to paint in until recently.
can you believe this was a T.V.?
I rescued it from my friends mom, it was on its way to the dump
Front View, do you like the turquoise candlesticks, they have gotten mixed reviews, I have redecorated the table about 10 times. 
Here are the only demolition pictures I got, on one sunny
day in December.

The minute I first saw Beckie on Infarrantly Creative do this project I started watching for a free TV cabinet.  YAY,  FREE, paint...$9.00.  and well then the excuse for new decorations to go on top of course.  haha.


Emily said...

Nice job with the old tv!! I'm jealous of your new camera. :)

Mary Lynn said...

I love both of those things!! I've been wanting a camera strap so bad but my sewing machine doesn't work and I just need to go to my mom's ... and it doesn't happen. :) I'm excited you got a new camera!!

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