Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cute Spring Wreath

I saw a similar wreath somewhere and decided to attempt a cute wreath for my Mother-in-Law.  Everyone loved how it turned out.

*  I started with just a grapevine wreath.   Cost   approx $3.99  but you can almost always get them at the thrift stores.
*  Then I hot glued moss all over it.  The green kind, not the brown stuff.  Cost approx. $4.99
*  Added some cute yellow flowers that came all in one bunch.  Cost. approx. $2.99
*   I found these adorable little butterflies at JoAnn's in the floral dept.   I can't find the receipt, they were pricey, so use a coupon.  If you are thrifty or have some of these things on hand you could make this pretty little wreath for pretty darn cheap.

1 comment:

Jessica @ O. Alouette said...

Love your wreath! I recently made a wreath with moss too. The flowers and butterflies you used are so Springy! What kind of moss did you use - was it sheet moss?

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