Monday, November 14, 2011

Entry - Reveal

Yard sale score, no lie I was on my way to HObby Lobby to buy these. I got them for 10 bucks each instead of 70 ish.  It felt like Christmas.!!
Here is the before shot, I can't believe I left it like this for so long. --Really Becky??  nothing even matches.  Okay honestly I was waiting until I decided on a paint color, now that was hard because it needed to be the same as the hallway and the living room, so here it is. a beige color. pfff,  gave up on something exotic and just went with the easy to please color.   My wood floors and wood trip made it hard for me to choose.
YAY my gallery wall is complete, really I had a heart attack putting all those holes in the wall, you have to be sure where to put things.
#1 - First arrange them on the floor, then cut paper to the size of each frame and them arrange those on the wall, you will be glad you went to the extra work for sure!!
I took these pictures at Halloween obviously, I can't wait to get them ready for Thanksgiving. I will be home from TN in a couple of days... should I skip it and just get Christmas out. I really might. hahaha

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