Monday, March 8, 2010

Meet My new crafty friend.... Anne!

This is so exciting for me. (I know I get excited easily) but I decided I really wanted to do some blog swaps and get to know other crafters who I feel like I have a lot in common with. So I asked Anne first, and guess what she said yes. I love the tutorial she did for us. I mean really, I love it. Just to prove how much we have in common, I actually got stuff out to make clippies sat, and then realized my daughter is to old. but I think she would really love these small and sweet little hair accessories.

So without further ado. Meet my new craft blog buddy ANNE


Hi to all the readers at Becky's Craft Closet!!!

I am so excited that Becky wanted to blog swap with me today! My name is Anne and I blog over at I am pretty much a craft fanatic...I especially love to crochet and sew (although, I don't like sewing anything too complex---sleeves, zippers, that kind of thing is not exactly my forte. :-) I am the mother of 2 cute kids, and the wife of a super hard working and handsome guy. And I think I am addicted to blogging. I'm trying to cut back----but we'll see how that goes.

So today I thought I would share a simple tutorial on how to make felt flower hair clips. (I have been on a bit of a flower kick lately so that's what you get! he he.)

So here is what you will need:

* Felt circles cut into various sizes and shapes (and of course you will want lots of colors)
* Buttons
* Alligator Hair Clips
* Ribbon
* Needle & Thread
* Hot glue gun (not pictured. ha ha.)

1. After you cut out your felt circles, hand sew them together to form a cute little flower:

Then cut out and sew up a few more :-)

2. Then hot glue coordinating ribbon onto your alligator clip: (The flat side is the side that will go against your head...and if you are making this for someone with fine hair, you may want to leave this side "ribbon free" as it will help the clip not fall out.)

3. Now all you have to do is glue your cute ribbon covered alligator clip onto the back of your cute flowers

and then Voila! You are done! How easy what that!?!

Here are a few other tutorials I have on my blog that you may be interested in checking out! Make sure you say hi, and let me know you came from Becky's Closet!

How to Make a Ribbon Flower

How to Make a Baby Shower Wreath (Also, check out the baby wreath that Becky made using my tutorial!)

Thanks again Becky for letting me post on your awesome blog!!!


Anne said...

Thanks again! Blog swapping was a ton of fun! =)


Emily said...

Nice to meet you Anne! I'm Becky's sister-in-law and one of her biggest fans! I love your adorable clips! You've got talent!

Tracy said...

Hi Anne! I've been making hair clips but can't find those kind of alligator clips. Can I ask where you go them?

And Becky, thanks for introducing us to Anne!

Anne said...

Hi Tracy...I bought the clips at Sally's Beauty Supply here in Utah. I would look at any beauty supply store or online... (maybe ask your stylist where they purchase theirs) The name on the box is actually "metal double prong clips" not alligator that might help you in your search.

You can get 100 for only $6.00. That is a lot of hair clip making fun!

Good luck!


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