Thursday, March 11, 2010

A few new things.

The Abigail Necklace. I wanted something springy. This necklace may be young. So I made it 25 inches. so it would be the longer style on a young lady or shorter style for a more mature woman. (ha that meand old in polite language right?) I think I will make the earrings smaller. hmmm. This will be in my shop soon.
The Kate Necklace. shorter style can be lengthened. The chain itself is only about 20" Anything you purchase in my shop can be altered in length for a minimal fee. Sometimes for free.
This necklace I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I had to name it the Kristin Sue. she will know exactly why. although I think Sunnie already has dibbs. I will be making more in this style. Adding fabric flowers to jewelry is so much fun. It is all over at the NAME brand websites too.
If you have any requests of something you would like to see in my shop or a custom order I can happily take them at any time. I will only be doing custom orders for the next two months, after that I may have to take time off for moving. ((YIKES))

I will be adding MANY things to my shop later today. Including several beaded watchband kits.


hatch said...

Ha I got so excited about the Kristen Sue necklace, I raced over to your ETSY site and bought it, then I came back to see that Sunnie had bibs, Then I noticed you did it in brown. So if Sunnie has dibs on the white one, I will take the brown one instead. I will be thrilled with either one. Love that you have an ETSY site where we can buy all your cool stuff!

Emily said...

Love the new stuff! Are you really moving?

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