Sunday, December 7, 2008

These were the treats. Halfway through the Bday party they were mostly gone, can you say SUGAR RUSH, we took the party outside to play tag on the church lawn, To hear about a birthday party and a service project all in one, just click here on my other blog

We finally got our tree up, it is a simple tree, we actually got a Real tree that started out at 12' I don't know what it is now. Growing up I really took for granted the REAL tree, and we have had a fake pre-lit tree for several years now, but every once in a while it is so fun to switch it up and get a BIG one. We like to decorate with the ornaments that the kids have made and collected, it is so much more special to us that way.

I wrapped these christmas books we already had, since there was 20 we started on the 4th of december and they unwrap one book each night, it is fun to get to be surprised which book we will read, we probably would have left half of them on the shelf to collect dust, but they are brought back to life.

OK, its nothing to brag about I know, but I was tossing out a whole bunch of craft supplies when we were cleaning out the garage, and I did a double take... and then I pictured the flowers ON the wreath. hmmm. I am still thinking about the bow, I kinda like it with out, just simple.
So our outdoor decorating is pretty much done. Jeff even hund a few of the HUGE snowflakes outside. He is such a scrooge whenit comes to decorating, besides he hung enough lights in WA to last us a lifetime, now we live in a colder place and we don't have the pressure of the "neighborhood luminaria", even though I miss it. I have many more ideas I would like to try.... but I am going to stop putting so much pressure on myself. I will post them if I do them.


Kris said...

I love the wreath. It's so cute. You need to take a picture of your house now with all the lights and decor on it. Your tree is so cute too. I ran into your mom at Wal-Mart the other day. She said she's going to Boise for Christmas. Are you going too??

Karmen said...

I LOVE the wrapping-up-Christmas-books-and-opening-one-a-night-to-read idea! Oh, and congrats on winning the Target gift Certificate! I better win something one of these days...

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