Wednesday, December 3, 2008

busy busy

I like this grandmas kitchen sign with the antique silverware for hooks, you can purchase it for {$5} Yes its cheap I know, but I am cleaning house remember.
Do you want this teddy bear nativity? You can have it. Just leave a comment and come pick it up :)

I made several of these boxes to fill with Christmas garland, you can switch it out for more summery stuff in the summer. This one just comes with the christmassy stuff { $5}

This is a Special Order for Mary, I am usually very critical of my own scrapbooky stuff, but I really like it so decided to post a picture. a mini tutorial is on my sidebar.

Westin asked me why we had an ornament of a burned hamburger, that kid cracks me up. I have so many of these lumps of coal (like 30). I ordered them for a bazaar and they didn't come in time.
They are only {$1}
The tag reads:
Santa came up with a new plan this year
For those who are especially cherished and dear.
A wee lump of coal in your stocking you’ll find,
not because you’ve been bad but
because you’ve been ever so kind.

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