Friday, December 19, 2008

Tea towel Apron tutorial

First, find a cute tea towel. I found this cute 4th of July one at Roberts for about a $1, then you will need about 1/4 yard of coordinating fabric.

then measure it into thirds, make two triangular tucks on each of the 1/3 marks.

Cut your coordinating fabric into approx 6 inch, strips, sew 2 of the strips end to end. It will be about 90 inches long (plenty long enough to wrap around your waist, I like to tie it in front). Iron it like I have in the picture.

find the middle of the strip of fabric and pin the apron in it, then fold the fabric over and sew the strip closed.

TADA!!! If you have more of the strip of fabric you could sew a pocket or another strip onto the bottom using the same process above. I am too lazy.


Emily said...

Cute stuff Becky! Thanks for the heads up about the pj bottoms at Old Navy. You can't beat $5 bucks and you KNOW I don't sew!

"Too Far Away Grama" said...

Good job. You are awesome.
Love Ya,

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