Friday, May 28, 2010

The Scrunchy shirt tutorial

Yeah its finally here!! I really hope I have finally found a way to describe this process in a way you will understand. It is not an exact process, you might want to play with some scraps first, But it is such a fun,fast way to bring LIFE to a shirt.

FIRST you need to start with a shirt that is a little too big. A tight fitted shirt will not work, the scrunching will bring it down about 1/2 a size, depending on how much you do.
Also when choosing the area you want to scrunch, TRY on the shirt, use your hands to wad up the area you want to scrunch. Does it make the neck pull wierd? Does it fit too small or look gross? It will make the bottom of the shirt pull shorter in that area, but that is part of the funky look you get from scrunching.

now after you take it off, outline with a fabric marker or chalk the area you want to work in.
If you have never bought elastic thread this is what it looks like, you will find it in the elastic section. Hand wind your bobbin not tight just pulling a little. Then you will use it just like you would a regular bobbin. Use matching thread on top. Then start sewing.

Here is an example of a pattern I chose. THERE IS NO EXACT PATTERN OR PROCESS TO THIS. Just sew in zig zags or figure 8's until you fill the area. This is the way I ended up doing it because there was less turning, lifting foot, and backing up. It was super easy. Believe me, cause I don't do hard stuff. --The only thing to watch for, is trying to keep the circle areas around the same size, that is where the fabric will pop out.
This tank was SO baggy I decided to do a middle section, I really like it on my bathroom floor, not sure how I like it on me. I added little ribbon flowers to disguise how some of the areas are a little off centered.



Amanda said...

That turned out really cute! Thanks for sharing! Found you on Weekend Wrap Up!

Amber said...

This is super cute - and original! Hard to find originality in tutorials with all the blogs out there now :)

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