Thursday, May 6, 2010

Carnation Tutorial

This is what we woke up to this morning. I think Mother Nature is taking an extended vacation for Mothers Day. HelOOOOOOOOO. Don't forget about us!!! So out to the garage I go, to look for the tote with the winter coats hats and gloves. Trouble is. It takes about 4 totes for a family of 6, so, being in a hurry so the kids won't miss the bus means a huge mess in the garage, but it was 30 degrees. I will clean it up later. I will probably just hang it all back up in the front closet for our surprise memorial day snowstorm.... right mother nature???? Well it will be a great day for catching up on my blogging.

I made a carnation Bouquet for Preschool. The kids will each give their mom a flower at our tea party.

The supplies you will need, simple....
-coffee filters
-ink, or paint and a sponge (all optional)

fold 4 coffee filters in half

fold it in 1/3rds, zig zag style like so. You may want to staple it at the bottom (vertically) I didn't and I just had to use extra tape at the end.

then it should look like this from above.

use tape to secure the skewer in one of the folds,

fold it up and use a lot of tape at the bottom of the flower.

I used ink on the edge, the color? its called pink carnation. HA. I was experimenting and painted the skewers green, you could also add leaves, but my preschool kids voted "No".
Amazing Hand Cream
The class helped me to make the hand cream that they will give their moms. These are the ingredients.
- One tub vaseline
-one bottle baby lotion, You can find unscented at walmart
-one or two tubs of Vitamin E cream.
the Vitamin E cream is cheapest at Family dollar. $1.49. For my own kids I only use 1 of the vitamin E cream. I have a son with Sever dry skin, we're talking cracking and bleeding if he doesn't use this every night.

This is embarrassing, I am not a digi scrapper (yet) I don't even have printshop (yet) so I have to come up with a cute way to decorate these.
This recipe cost me $8.00 total and will make 15 of the baby food jars (for my preschool class) and 2 of the CUTE Kerr jars, found in the canning isle, they are 4 for 4$ at walmart, I just love them, I will give them to... well you know who, it mothers day right?
The mothers will come for a light brunch of chicken salad croissants and chocolate dipped strawberries, while the children sing a couple adorable mothers day songs, and present them with these gifts as Mel and I read what they have to say about their moms, Here are some of the best answers.
How old is your mom? one child answered "Well I know she is not 11, so she must be 12" another confidently answered "80".
What is your moms favorite thing to do? one child said "watch me play video games", another said, "making food for me" and another said "doing the dishes" and anther said "kissing daddy, she kisses him a lot". hahahahah.
Pre-school should be a blast tomorrow !!


Emily said...

Sounds like a fun party! The flowers look great. :) Did you scent the lotion? I was/am also mad at the snow!!

Canadiachik said...

Super cute ideas - whose mom wouldn't LOVE that?!
Fun to see you at sams....we'll have to meet up for cheap lunch sometime ;)

Infarrantly Creative said...

Those flowers are adorable. They look so much like carnations...especially with the red tips. Great job!

MessyMissy said...

I was JUST thinking about doing some of these the other day. I was planning using watercolors to stain had not occured to me. I'll have to try both. Very cute post!!

Lisa Beth said...

Thanks so much for the hand cream recipe! I think these would make great gifts!!

Fawnda said...

The flowers are cute! and thanks for the handcream recipe! :)

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