Friday, November 21, 2008


I apologize for forgetting to post my next giveaway on Wed. I spaced it. This week has been the craziest one. Just running to a million places, and my messy house is proof. I am going to clean all day so I tomorrow I can craft away. (that is a poem, well maybe not, once in a while a little flicker of talent from my moms side of the fam. will escape... then it is lost again for many more months).
This weeks giveaway will be the chenille melted snowman you can see in the post before last. If you are a crafter and want a list of crafting cupplies I wish to get rid of let me know I will email you. Or if you are looking for something in particular, let me know. Thanks (oh btw I haven't complied the list yet, so it might not be right away...but soon):)


Mary Lynn said...

I put your button on my blog! :) I meant to last time but time got away from me. I love the snowman. That's the cutest thing ever!

Emily said...

Thank you for the cards!!! They are all so cute. You are the best!!

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