Friday, November 7, 2008

More Aprons

Here is an idea.
I put together a little cookie baking set (you could probably just get some stuff at the $1 store) and give your girl an apron to go with it. We have given this as birthday gifts to one of her friends as well.

This apron is just for an idea, I helped my daughter sew it, it was an experiment, and its not perfect but she loves it, and she loves it when we can recycle old clothes too.

This is a mens apron, I have a ton of this fabric if I use this fabric,


"Too Far Away Grama" said...

I love the gift idea to go with the apron for little girls. I am going to use that.

the apron out of the jeans is darling.

Emily said...

I LOVE that cookie kit idea! I'm totally gonna use it.

Can you make me a few little girl aprons. I'll send you a check. Just cute, basic ones?


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