Friday, January 13, 2012

A fresh start project #1 organize the kitchen.

Well well my little blog, did you think I had forgotten you? not so, not so. Life has been seriously insane. I mean busy-busy-busy. But I do love to blog, however I am not making any promises to blog MORE in 2012. My plan is to "simplify". So I will simply blog when I can... I have been on a crazy organizing spree. (this is one of my January goals, yep I said goals, my new years resolution was to set a goal to set goals, monthly goals, haha) I started in the kitchen. After all January deserves a fresh start.  Here is a before picture of my most used cupboard.

WOW did I feel like a slob.  Okay, the kids help.  But I had SOOO many half full boxes of crackers, and doubles and triples of things. Iit was nice to purge and things that I had lots of  I moved downstairs into my storage room. 
Oh my goodness, I sure do love the after!!!  I used a bunch of those $1 plastic shoeboxes to organize them into categories.  The one without a label... well I couldn't think of a name for it besides, stuff that keeps falling over and getting in the way. lol

I managed to get all the bulk stuff on one shelf, and it does feel so much better

I am sure everyone has seen these chalkboard label, I was getting tired of the cricut and remembered I had a little scrap of Matte finish black vinyl I had just thrown a way, so I fished through the garbage and started cutting to see how many labels I could make. - just the right amount.
We had about 5 of these drink mix containers  each had 2 or 3 packets left.  what a waste of space.  So I put them all together and used their containers for a few of my bulk spices.  

I love it.

Happy organizing, or whatever your new Years Resolution was.  :)


Kris said...

I love a good organized pantry! I love all the labels on your containers too! So fun. Did you know that all the hours you put in to your organizing you are doing Personal Progress? You could mark it off! :) Love & Miss You!

Eileen said...

Way to go! Love the oatmeal container idea!!!

Emily said...

Looks great- especially the oatmeal container. :)

Matson Mission said...

I love all the labels. They look so nice. I am so impressed. Well, I really knew you had it in you. Not from your mom though. *U*

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