Thursday, May 5, 2011


If I had a few more minutes this could have been even cuter, but really it is the thought that is the important part here. My kids have such excellent teachers, and we had a blast putting this together. If I had more time i would have tried to inclued more students...

Each day my kids' teachers received a bag or basket with a couple of the following items in it.

Here are a few more Ideas:
*  Thanks for all the "thyme" you give.
*  You are so "Pop"ular
*  Your a cut above the rest "scissors"
*  "Hands Down, you are the best" -apron with kids handprints. - or hand sanitizer.
*  you have made a mark on our lives -dry erase markers, or teacher stampes.
*  You are like a breath of fresh air "air freshener". (my sons 5th grade teacher had some stinky boys in there, lol)
-- I just added up what I spent, it was about $15 per teacher, this includes 2 little baskets for each teacher, and gift bags from around the house.  There were a couple other students who pitched in, so I thought it was a pretty great gift.  ( I do use coupons, so it might cost some people a little more than that)
Most importantly, THANK A TEACHER today.

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Mary Lynn said...

These are awesome ideas! I wish I would have had them earlier!!! But now I am ready for next year. ;)

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