Friday, June 18, 2010

summertime snacks

My solution to kids constantly raiding the snack cupboard! I also had several cereals that my kids were tired of. Add chocolate chips, marshmallows, and nuts and its a whole new snack!
the cereals I used were - Chex, golden grahams, cheerios. The kids each have a small container with their name, and they have to stay out of the cupboards!! or ELSE!! I have another list of things they can choose from - yogurt, string cheese, a fruit snack, and an apple. Some days it works, some days I have to remind them or get after them for sneaking stuff.

1 comment:

Tylynn said...

I am gonna steal your idea! My kids are constantly in the cupboards this summer. Thanks!!! By the way, a really yummy snack - Golden Grahams and chocolate covered marshmallows. You can find them on the baking isle by the regular marshmallow. YUM!

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