Monday, April 19, 2010

New school bag and Beached T's

McKinley was really wanting a Messenger style bag for school, I kept finding her looking through the house for different bags to use. There was nothing wrong with her perfectly nice backpack that I paid $59.00 for. (and then got a $59.00 rebate for)
hmmm, I have been seeing some cute bags out there on the craft blogs, maybe I can try something new... I have lots of Denim, which is mice and heavy, so... I wanted to make the pockets of the jeans as functional as possible.
I sewed a strip of denim to the inside lining to make 3 pockets.
and sewed the front so that the pockets would be useful, I wanted to take out the button and zipper part, I thought it would look less like a pair of jeans, but it didn't really matter. I am still glad I did, I sewed it with the seams out, and clipped them so that they could fray in a cool way. She is in heaven. And the flap that closes it is just some owl fabric with a lining in it.

Here are some almost one of a kind shirts I made for Westin and Rawlin, all it took was bleach.
For this one I layed a garbage bag inside to keep it from bleeding through. Then I poured the bleach on with a baster, and only let it sit for about 20 minutes. It turned this bluish color in spot. I like it, but Westin LOVES it.

For this one I used a bleach pen. You find them in the laundry isle made by Chlorox, it sat for about 30 minutes. I have gooten a lot of compliments on it.
Both of these plain T's can be found at Walmart for only $3.
I got the ideas from Aly&Ash, You must check hers out they REALLY look AWESOME not homemade at all!
I am Momma hear me ROAR, made some too, she has a great tutorial for using the bleach pen. You need to take a look at her freezer paper stenciled shirts too. They are crazy good!


Cheri said...

Great job! I really like the first one. Way to go!

Alida L. said...

Love the bag and the shirts are awesome!

Emily said...

LOVE it!

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