Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back to school

Once I finished the kitchen I knew I needed to do something about the way things go down when the kids come bursting throught the door at 4:00 every afternoon. I say bursting because on 3 of those days there are 7 of those beasts that range from 1st to 8th grade. I take care of a friends kids on the days she has school. They are hungry, tired, moody, stressed out, and excited to play and hang out together. (I really need to purchase so earplugs). This homework caddy will ensure that there are plenty of pencils ready to go, a sharpener to keep them from getting up to find one, and a calculator for the same reason. I think it still needs colored pencils and a longer ruler. YAY!!!

I've never seen hungrier monsters, they will eat anything they can get their hands on and they don't care if I am making dinner or if they are making a mess. So I set aside a shelf for afterschool snacks. They can touch anything on that shelf until 5:00. Then I put my foot down and put an end to snacking.
For packing lunches, I decided to start using reusable containers most of the time.  BUT to save the hassle of always trying to find a lid, I threw all mis-matched stuff away!  on the bottom shelf I have 2 baskets,  sandwich containers and the twist top containers are for my homemade applesauce.  I canned a ton of it, the only way We will ever use it up is to send it to school. 

Hope back to school time went well for everyone else.  I think if I could find a way to get them out of bed in the morning things would pretty much be perfect.  (okay thats a lie, no body's perfect)

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Lauri said...

Hi Becky! I love your homework caddy idea! I'll have to make us one of those. I even have a caddy sitting right under my craft table :) I should work on a snack basket too, and the cups are a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing!

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