Saturday, March 27, 2010

pattern for easiest boy shirt

First of all you catch him doing this. YES, its time to do a crafty something.
I pulled out this pattern I made. I cut up a stained T-shirt he had, that still fit. I traced it onto a plastic dollar store table cloth. Which is much better than newspaper or tissue paper. It will last forever. you will need teh front, the back, and a sleeve pattern.
these are my pieces I cut out of 2 of my old shirts, Now you can see how simple it is to put together. First sew the 4 shoulder seams.

Then pin up the sides and sew them, you are amost done. Since I used 2 of my shirts I used the botton seams so I have NO HEMMING TO DO. The ribbing is all we have left.

For the ribbing sew the ends together. fold it in half. and pin it around, it will be smaller than the neck hole, this is why pinning is important. You need to stretch it while you sew, and pinning will help make sure it comes out even. I don't explain things very well. Are there any questions.

I used the same pattern for this shirt. I like this one better. I am going to be making quite a few of them out of some awesome adult shirts I got on clearance of marvel characters. I am going to remake them to fit the little boys. They are so excited and the shirts were only $2. Pretty cool for some one of a kind super hero shirts.

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Lynn said...

very cute and it seems simple enough...hopefully! I'll have to try and make one for my son from my old tshirt stash.

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